Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tractor VS IPhone and the peace it brings...

So I ran over my phone the other day while at work. I am going to be working with my old business partner for the winter and it has been awesome. I was driving a tractor moving wood and stump grindings and long story short ran over my phone. The phone didn't shatter, or even die. It still works but the screen is all white. All white ain't all right.

At first I was freaked out. I didn't remember anyones number and I had to call my Gf's work to get her cell number to tell her that I was phoneless. So sad.

The cool thing was that I had peace and quiet. Being phoneless was actually nice. I spent the whole day undistracted and in my head. I had a show to play (Voices, musicians for Mental Illness which was awesome BTW) so I was going over songs and thinking about that. I am getting the phone fixed and I will once again be plugged into the matrix.

I really did feel good being unplugged and I want to be more vigilant with how I use my phone and how plugged in I am. Anyway, I will see how that works out.

So the show was awesome. The people I played with were incredible,  (Lynne Hanson Amanda Rheaume Ana Miura) so talented and so cool. It was a full house and very intense. We all played and told personal stories and I had a great time talking about my experiences with mental illness and making fun of myself. I had a great time making people laugh. I really enjoyed that, being able to get people laughing while delivering some crazy stories. I really feel playing these types of intimate shows is going to be a big part of promoting The Bad Times Bible. Storytelling, songs.. it is so much damn fun!

I want to thank amy Read for putting together an amazing show. It was an honor to be a part of and I can't wait to do it again!
Peace out brown trout.

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