Monday, 7 November 2011


So I did a morning TV show this morning (CTV NEWS) to promote an upcoming show I'm a part of. ( The show is to raise awareness around mental health issues and to de stigmatize mental illness. During the interview I was talking about how I lost my mind and was really glad to get the cancer diagnosis because I was thinking about blowing my brains out. In my mind (at the time) dying from cancer was more "honorable" and acceptable in society.

I realized I was on a morning show and tried not to laugh thinking about what I just said. Those poor people at home eating their cream of wheat.  I am really grateful that I went through everything I have gone through and I am glad I have the opportunities to speak about the crazy ugly shit people don't like talking about or are afraid to talk about for fear of being shamed. I know that my book and my efforts are going to help people. I feel it inside and am really ramping up to kick some ass. I know it in my guts. I'm going to make a difference. Well, I have another TV show to do so I best go get pretty.

I might not have etiquette but I will give it to you straight from the heart. I am glad for that.

Sorry Mom. I'm doing the best I can.

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