Tuesday, 4 October 2011

1st Draft is finished. Hooray.

So the first draft of the BTB is finished. Fireworks.

 I sent it off to my secret writing coach in Italy and he is going to give me his two cents worth on it and help me with the next step.

I have to tell you I feel like I am dying inside. I feel this way not only because I am fighting some wierd chest cold that won't fuck off already, but because I am waiting for feedback from a published author who's work I really respect.The waiting part reminds me of how it felt to be waiting for tests too. Don't you just hate waiting? I suppose that frustration just shows you how badly you want something I guess. I suppose it could be said that it shows how much or how little control I have over my mind too. Bah.

So I hope that I get some great feedback and some even better help moving this book forward. I think about it constantly and I will make sure it sees the light of day. Hopefully someone has the courage to publish it. If not, I'll sell the thing out of the back of my car.
Who am I kidding, i'll do that anyway.
I will spend the next year promoting that book in any way I can. I actually have a pretty good marketing scheme cooked up but I'm keeping it a secret. For now.

So to the people who read this, tell one and all. The Bad Times Bible is coming. Get ready people. Get ready to be fucking HELPED!

I need something for my chest.
Pete out.


  1. Do you have an agent/publisher? Or are you going to send out queries to try to get it picked up? Or are you more interested in self publishing?

  2. Thanks for asking!
    I am going to send out queries but I have a feeling that it is going to be an e book (to start) for a very simple reason. I feel it is more important to get the material out there for the people who need it than to wait to try and get a deal or hold out for money.Somewhere out there there are folks that could really benefit from this book. I feel that in my guts. I want to get it to them asap.

    The average turn around time for an author to get their book out there is about a year. I don't want to wait that long. I could help alot of people in a year. I also feel that with a strong online marketing campaign and me busting my ass to get the book out there and bring attention to it, the BTB could do well. The stigma of e books is going away and some authors have found success in that format. I wrote this book for people who need it, not to become a millionaire! lol That being said I would like to make money as a writer and would love a traditional deal, but at the end of the day I am a creator who works in different mediums and am not hung up on being a "real author". I am confident my work will speak for itself in any format. For right now I feel it is important to work on getting the book ready for the public regardless of what form it goes out there in!. I am trying not to screw this up and do it right. I have worked too hard to blow this. lol We will see how it goes, but there is much editing to do before any of this happens.
    Thanks for the inquiry, I look forward to sharing the BTB with the world!

  3. Thanks for the reply. It is neat seeing the thought process behind the nitty gritty details.