Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Heart Attack..

Writing is something I didn't think I would enjoy. It is frustrating at first, what with all the little buttons and my sausage fingers slowly picking away at them. I just hammer out my thoughts and hope for the best. I put alot into my writing and try to do so without fear or worrying about what people will think. I have really come to love writing. I love writing so much that when I think I just erased a whole chapter, I felt like vomiting and having a heart attack all at once.

It turns out I didn't erase the chapter and after much fumbling around, cursing and searching, (should be the title of the next book) I found the lost chapter.

I have alot invested in this whole book thing. Time, effort, emotion. Writing music is fun and exciting but this writing thing is so much different. I used to think music was personal and it is, but this book has been one hell of a journey, a reward in itself.

As I near the end of the first draft of The Bad times Bible I feel sort of like what I felt like before playing the first show of my life. Excited, scared, a bit lost and hoping for the best. Except with this stuff I am alone and it is wierd. The upside to this writing thing is that music has become fun again, a welcome distraction from the intensity of the writing process. I am grateful to be able to live in a country that allows me to express myself freely. I am grateful to be able to create and express myself, period.
speaking of which, I have to get back to it.
See you in a bit.

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